Bursts of Inspiration in Other Directions

The Power of the Sub-conscious

I have just realized that this web site is predominantly black and white.  This colour scheme was not chosen consciously, it just took my fancy at the time.  However, as I have thought upon this phenomenon, from deep within my sub-conscious awareness, a song arose:

Good old Collingwood forever, we know how to play the game

Side by side we stick together, to uphold the Magpies’ name

Hear the barrackers a shouting, as all barrackers should

Oh the premiership’s a cake-walk, for the good old Collingwood

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For those who have no idea what this is all about, then don’t worry about the ramblings of an old man.  Continue on in your blissful ignorance.

For those who do  know what I am writing about:

“Carn the Pies!”