So, what is a good education?

Amongst the home-based educators that I interviewed there was a general opinion that a good education was more than a purely academic education.  However, some home schooling families advocated the classical model (and its strong emphasis on academics), with the intention of producing intellectual giants, and highly employable career aspirants.  Those who advocated education in life, however, placed a greater focus on character development.

So, what is a good education?  I think the words of Jesus are helpful in answering this question.  He indicated that the greatest goal in life was to learn to love God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all your mind, and to also learn to love your neighbour as yourself.  If we keep in mind that loving God is measured by the degree to which we are obedient to His commandments (I John 1:3-4; 5:2-3), and not simply some super-spiritual ecstatic feeling, then to that degree we have a very clear picture as to what a good education looks like; and the means whereby such an education is delivered is described for us in Deuteronomy 6:4-9 (i.e. in the context of living daily life, and seizing learning moments in the rhythm of daily chores and duties and responsibilities around the home, the neighbourhood, and amongst the affairs of life).

So, what do others think on this matter?

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God doesn’t want you to send your children to school: He wants them to have an education

After climbing to the top of the academic tree of education by earning a Diploma of Teaching (Primary), Bachelor of Education, Master of Education (School Leadership), Doctor of Philosophy (Christian Education) and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment [mostly self-funded], and working for about 30 years at all levels of school from Preschool to adult education, I have come to realise that the deficiencies in educational outcomes for children in the western world are because of schools and schooling. Schools and schooling have always been the problem.


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Education and Schooling are not synonymous. A proper education does not require children to be sentenced to twelve years locked away in a total institution as if they were criminals, mentally insane, enlisted in the military or part of a religious cult.

The state has no mandate, at all, to be involved in education. Education is the proper sphere of the family, with support from the church, and assistance from free-market tutors and other community custodians of skills and knowledge.

True education should be delivered through unschooling, with a discipleship emphasis. Ivan Illich explored the idea in the 1970s, and the Triune God of the Bible emphatically agrees.  You can get this book from Amazon.

Some time ago, now, I walked away from working in a school as a school administrator. I am on the road to deschooling, but am conscious that there is much more of the road that needs to be traveled.

The focus of my research is around Biblical Christian deschooling/unschooling.  Over time I will be triangulating the things that I have found in the literature, with interviews conducted with families that are actually unschooling, and comparing the results with the development of my own thoughts over 30 years, as recorded in my personal journals.

I look forward to the day when home-based education is the norm, not just a curious anomaly.  Those who would like to read my book, you can get a copy from Amazon.


The dissertation for my post-graduate doctoral degree is located here: Dissertation found at this location .